Qpass: Senior Systems Administrator, Seattle, WA

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The Senior System Administrator (SSA), under the supervision of the SO Manager, works to develop and maintain all of the Professional Service’s Test Labs’ operational systems; this includes all customer test environments, demo environments, shared infrastructure, and the SD Performance Lab.
Serving as the senior member of a small team of system administrators and contributing directly to team productivity, the SSA is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of SO’s Linux, VMware, and Windows servers and systems, as well as two Oracle database servers. The SSA is another capable, available, and independent system administrator for Solutions Operations. The SSA is expected to conduct system analysis to identify potential performance bottlenecks and improvements, and identify and recommend alternative hardware technologies to maximize performance and stability.
The SSA is responsible for emergency response (or coordinating it) as needed to correct system failures.
The SSA must possess extensive experience in UNIX system administration. As new technologies emerge and impact our systems, the SSA is expected to learn these technologies very quickly, develop training of more junior SA staff, and resolve any problems involved in integrating new technologies with our systems.
The SSA is a key technical resource for the SO team, providing advice, training, and technical support for various projects. In addition, the SSA works closely with professional technical staff in the [Tech Ops] System Administration (SA) team and the Performance Test team in evaluating current systems and making decisions on future development.
A primary focus of this position and the offerings it supports is a drive toward profitability through cost efficiency.
Candidates qualified in most of the specified areas should still apply. Qpass emphasizes
(*) denotes essential functions.
(20%) Non-technical Responsibilities
• Communication and Teamwork
• Attend and actively participate in weekly team meetings. (*)
• Keep the SO Manager informed of major projects in your area. (*)
• Maintain close contact with everyone on the SO SA team and be aware of all ongoing projects and provide support, guidance and resources as necessary. (*)
• Write extensive documentation. (*)
(50%) Technical Duties
• Service, Maintenance, and Support
• Lead a small team to support over 50 physical Linux servers, 30 VMware servers (GSX) virtualizing 150+ Linux servers, and several Windows servers. (*)
• Maintain DNS, NFS, LDAP, LVS, BigIP, DHCP, Samba, Sendmail, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle, WebLogic, FTP, and proprietary services for the SD Performance Lab. (*)
• Ensure secure operation of all servers and services though the use of security and encryption tools such as SSH, OpenSSL, IPSec, and through extensive staff training and documentation. (*)
• Monitor system logs and activity on all servers.
• Administer, verify, and restore from backups.
• Replace defective hardware on clients and servers as necessary.
• Ability to lift up to lift 50 pounds.
• Ability to perform basic HW maintenance, including replacing CPUs, RAM chips, motherboards, controllers, etc.
• Perform basic rack and stack services for equipment in the data center.
• Maintain core-edge network architecture. Design and implement network optimizations.
• Maintain SAN, NFS, and ISCSI implementation.
• Accounts
• Maintain integrity of staff accounts and data on the lab utility server. Perform recovery when possible. (*)
• Perform maintenance on staff accounts. Add, remove, and modify accounts as necessary.
• Manage UNIX and Windows security features to protect confidential information while allowing appropriate access.
• Development
• Research new technologies and present recommendations and justifications on major hardware and software purchases.
• Develop and test new servers and services, including writing scripts and patching existing source code.
(20%) Administrative Duties
• Update and check NTP and LDAP server regularly. (*)
• Publish weekly work supply and demand reports for SO system administration team. (*)
• Log defects in Quality Center (QC) as appropriate. (*)
• Triage and monitor defect and trouble ticket backlogs. (*)
• Ensure status is updated for all QC requests. (*)
• Submit timesheets and status reports before deadlines. (*)
• Update equipment inventory for tracking purposes.
• Other duties as assigned.
• Help define operating standards and processes and procedures
(10%) Documentation
• Ensure that all SysAdmin projects are documented, including ongoing status reports. (*)
• Document and log all changes to system software and configurations.
• Effective communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of clients and staff
• Demonstrated success with administrative and organizational skills
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to work productively in teams
• Experience prioritizing
• Extensive experience working with Linux
• Moderate experience with VMware or other virtualization applications
• Experience with at least one version of Windows
• Previous programming or scripting experience
• Ability and motivation to learn new technologies quickly and with minimal support and guidance;
• Good problem solving skills
• Proficiency with RedHat Enterprise Linux, Windows 2000, and operating systems
• Administration of large GSX/ESX implementations
• Understanding of the administration of SQL database servers such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server, secure web servers such as Apache with mod_ssl
• Knowledge of J2EE application servers such as WebLogic and Tomcat
• Knowledge of Perl and CGI scripting
• Working knowledge of Bourne shell scripting
• Knowledge of standard backup infrastructures, UNIX system and program installation, compilation and configuration
• System-level security procedures
• Talent for diagnosing and remedying serious server and network related problems and failures promptly and effectively
• Familiarity with cryptography tools (e.g. secure shell, OpenSSL, IPSec)
• Experience maintaining servers for standard internet services such as DNS, NFS, LDAP, LVS, DHCP, Samba, mail (e.g. Postfix, Sendmail), and FTP service
• Previous experience teaching or training others.
• Bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) from a four year accredited college or university in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
Position is located in Seattle, WA.
This is a Full-time (exempt) position.
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