Waterfall Mobile: Manager, Operations and Infrastructure, San Francisco, CA

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Waterfall Mobile

This is an exciting opportunity at Waterfall Mobile (http://www.waterfallmobile.com), one of the most dynamic startups in the Bay Area. We are hiring the core team to develop an innovative platform that will allow businesses and consumers to easily create and deploy mobile applications, content, and marketing programs using today*s mobile infrastructure.
We are looking for a top notch, hands on manager for our operations and infrastructure needs. Manager must have strong systems administration and operations experience to help us design, implement and operate the Waterfall Mobile data center and operations. The person would also be responsible for the selection of the collocation facility, and on a continual basis procuring, negotiating and working with the hardware vendors on a continual basis.
Required Skills/Qualifications:
* 5+ years of strong Linux System Administration skills.
* Must know how to build and customize Linux kernels for distributions like RedHat, Fedora or Debian etc.,
* 2+ years of proven track record supporting 24×7 production web environments
* Proficiency in scripting languages such as sh or perl for automating data center operations.
* Proficiency in internet protocols and standards such as LDAP, SMTP, POP3, NNTP, DNS, Secure HTML, VPN
* Thorough understanding of LAN, VLAN and WAN technologies
* Strong understanding of network security principles.
* Experience in designing and building big Apache web farms based on the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) servers with Intel Xeon or Opteron based processors.
* Experience with using CISCO switches, PIX firewalls, Load Balancers, Routers etc.,
* 2+ years of experience working with SAN/ NAS / iscsi, based systems.
* Process oriented and follows change control procedures for any change in the Data center.
* Work with Engineering and QA teams to help manage non-production environments
*The ability to work independently and as part of a cross functional team and successfully handle multiple tasks in a dynamic professional environment with short delivery cycles.
* Perform regular releases to stage and production environment while adhering to strict change control procedures
Desired Skill:
* 2+ years experience with Oracle / MySQL at the DBA level.
* Linux performance tuning experience is desired.
* Interacts efficiently with executives of the company.
* Work with engineering team very closely to optimize the d ata center hardware and software environments.
An ideal candidate would have worked in the data centers of the companies like Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Oracle, BEA or any of the major online vendors.
If your skill set matches with our requirements, please send your resume to jobs@waterfallmobile.com.

Please reference MobileWirelessJobs.com when responding.