WorldCell: Wireless Network Engineer, Silver Spring, MD

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WorldCell is the leader in providing global wireless service solutions to Government, Enterprise, Industry as well as the international traveler. WorldCell provides solutions through a number of technologies, ranging from an international cell phone or satellite phone to the Roaming Service Bureau platform that mediates and translates different wireless standards for wireless network operators.Worldcell is a licensed GSM operator and also owns and operates a protocol agnostic roaming service bureau enabling roaming across different wireless core network technologies such as CDMA, TDMA, GSM/GPRS as well as upcoming UMA networks.
We are currently looking for a network engineer with strong back ground in wireless technology for the roaming sevice bureau platform.
Please note that only candidates with telecom experience on the core network side (MSC/HLR/VLR-SS7) need apply. This job opening is NOT for RF/RAN network engineers.
Position: Core Network Engineer
Summary: Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the Roaming Service Bureau (RSB) network. The network is based on an inter-standard roaming gateway that enables seamless roaming between GSM and CDMA/TDMA networks.
Core Skills: Strong knowledge of SS7, GSM and CDMA on the core network side. Basic Unix knowledge. Experience in carrier roaming environment is preferred
1) Perform daily network operations tasks, including:
a. System administration for all operations systems
b. Subscriber and service provisioning
c. Network data back-ups
d. Network maintenance (proactive and reactive)
2) Perform configuration and testing of the inter-standard roaming service with carrier customers (CDMA, TDMA or GSM).
3) Ensure the timely resolution of network outages and performance problems, drawing support from carriers and equipment vendors as required.
4) Work with carrier customers to resolve problems reported by customers, acting as tier 2 technical support.
5) Work with Worldcell GSM operations group to support roaming testing with international roaming partners, resolve network outages and improve network performance.
6) Perform installation, integration and acceptance of new equipment and facilities to the network.
7) Install and validate new software loads and patches in cooperation with equipment suppliers.
8) Regularly track network performance and utilization, and produce periodic reports for management.
1) Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.
2) Minimum of 2 years of related, hands-on experience in a mobile network engineering and/or operations environment.
3) Experience with inter-standard mobile roaming platform engineering and/or operation is preferred
4) Solid understanding of mobile communications technology, with particular knowledge of GSM and ANSI-41 SS7 signaling networks.
5) Strong computer skills are required, with specific experience in HP Unix,
6) Willingness to play a key role in a 24×7 network support operation.
7) Excellent oral and written communications shills.
8) Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
The position reports to Director Engineering

Please reference when responding.