Greystripe: Website Developer / Software Engineer, San Francisco, CA

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An innovative technology company, poised to quickly become the leader in an emerging telecomm industry, is currently accepting resumes for an experienced lead software engineer with proven large-scale project web development experience to become our Software Engineer / Web Developer.
There are some good ways to advertise with mobile phones…
and then there are great ways.
Mobile advertising is a fraction of the greater internet advertising market as well as a fraction of what it ultimately can be as a stand alone media outlet. Mobile advertising will be an incredible opportunity on par with what the Internet has enabled. Greystripe’s WRAP Mobile Advertisement – Network, for delivering ads to mobile phones, will ultimately be the dominant system. Enabling the monetization of mobile content with advertising will fundamentally change the mobile industry. The mobile advertising market which we serve will ultimately be a $440M market in 2009 in the United States and approximately a $3B market worldwide.
Greystripe’s solution for maximizing the strengths and minimizing the past difficulties of mobile advertising is the WRAP Mobile Ad-Network. WRAP, our patent pending system and technology, creates an advertising network from existing content types (e.g. mobile games) which are already being downloaded by users onto their mobile phones. Simply, we piggyback advertisements with existing mobile applications. Imagine in the simplest case an unobtrusive full screen ad is shown for five seconds when a mobile game is launched asking if the user wants to receive an MMS coupon for a Carl’s Jr. hamburger or after the mobile game is played, opt to be linked to a mobile web site where they can learn more about the latest BMW.
Greystripe envisions this new hire to be both strong technically as well as have the willingness to take on management responsibilities as the company grows. The Software Engineering will help Greystripe’s CTO to architect the product as well as build, test, and implement the software. The person must also have good interpersonal skills.
Software Engineering Responsibilities will include:
* Plan, design, develop and implement new ideas and products, leading multiple projects from requirements generation through design, coding, debugging, and product shipment or project completion.
* Own designs that have an impact on the fundamental architecture of the product.
* Define, develop, and innovate team processes.
* Work with members of the Adwrap Server team to develop a coordinated feature set.
* Interact with customers and identify creative solutions to their needs.
* Work directly with mobile handset and other device manufacturers in preloading applications.
* Work with and provide technical direction to an offshore development team.
* Develop existing staff and hire additional well qualified personnel as needed.
Greystripe is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. You will be considered for this tech lead position based upon your professional website development and software design experience and education, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, ancestry; marital, disabled or veteran status.
Required Experience – Software Engineer / Website Development:
* At least 3-5 years of professional web development experience, including at least one large-scale, successfully-launched project in a tech lead role.
* Expert knowledge of PHP, including knowledge of object-oriented programming in PHP (and more importantly, having good judgment in knowing when OO should be used, and how much).
* Strong experience with MYSQL / SQL and creating database schemas.
* Strong experience in Java, preferably in systems level or server side environments.
* You should know your way around Linux, including basic system administration.
* You should be comfortable with Apache web server configuration.
* Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
* Ability to work productively with minimal supervision.
* Tolerance for the overhead of rapidly iterating toward greater usability. Insistence on complete/frozen specifications just won’t work here.
* A feel for good design — both in terms of engineering and user experience. Along with the drive and ability to turn that feel into working products.
* Experience working with customers in both pre- and post-sales situations.
* Mobile application development experience (preferably J2ME MIDP1.0/2.0; Symbian and BREW are also good).
* Experience with mobile content technologies (WAP / WML, WAP 2.0 / XHTML, SMS, EMS, MMS).
* Practical knowledge of relevant W3C standards ( XHTML, DOM, CSS ) and the de-facto standards (XHR, browser properties, etc) is a plus.
* Experience with Flash, Flashlite, SVG, SVG Basic/Tiny.
* Perforce
* Ant
* Can build small tools in Python / Perl / PHP / Ruby / shell
Hurry, this exciting and rewarding opportunity won’t last long.
To apply, please send resume and salary requirements, indicating position of interest to:
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