Casual Mobile Game Designer, CA

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Casual and Mobile Game Designer
As Casual & Mobile Game Designer you will design new games or expand gameplay of existing properties and franchises. You will test levels for fidelity to gameplay design and requirements. Propose game concepts.
Design games that work with and circumvent known issues with game engines, target devices, etc. Modify AI parameters in source files, using appropriate scripting languages and tools. Help test, balance, and tune all gameplay parameters. Design and refine the UI for usability, in collaboration with the rest of the team. Create scenarios, scripts, and character descriptions for the game. You’re responsible for the game play, rules system, play balance, interface design, game structure and “mechanics”. In this role you will write proposals, treatments, and create storyboards and flow charts for upcoming projects. Additionally you will write and update all game design documentation. Write executive summary of games. Execute pitch documents, Manage and write user guides.
You will research, analyze and report on relevant games, competing titles, and current trends, especially trends in the casual and mobile gaming spaces.
To qualify, you must have been key or main designer on two or more shipped titles. Mobile experience preferred. GameBoy or other portable experience acceptable. Experience with designing, tuning, and balancing play elements for games. Excellent writing skills.
To apply, please send your MS Word resume, indicating position of interest and salary requirements to:

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