Oasys Mobile: Marketing Interns, Raleigh, NC

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Oasys Mobile

Marketing Interns
Oasys Mobile, a leading provider of mobile media content has openings for 2 marketing interns. You must be prepared to work hard and play hard and most of all have thick skin and a sense of humor
You will not:
– Get coffee for senior executives more than once a day
– Make more than 20,000 copies per hour
– Pick up my kids at school (more than once in a while)
– Clean the office bathrooms
You will:
– Have to be organized and energetic
– Be trustworthy and responsible (or at least have a list of people who will lie for you)
– Like to travel to music festivals and hang backstage
– Know how to use Word, PowerPoint and other boring software
– Be exposed to all aspects of marketing and get tons of hands on experience
– Be well versed in pop culture
– Be willing to learn from some of the best people in the business
– Know how to use your mobile phone inside and out
– Have to beat the office Foosball champ to get the gig
– Posses a “can get it done” attitude
The pay is minimal but at least the hours are long!
Send your resume (preferably without the BS) or a note letting us know why you should get this gig to marketingjobs@oasysmobile.com. We don’t care as much about your experience as we do about your enthusiasm. If you are a boring person please don’t bore us with the details of your life. It’s bad enough you have to live it…don’t make us suffer too! If this offends you… you are definitely not right for the gig.
Check out our site www.oasysmobile.com to see what we are all about.
About Oasys Mobile, Inc.
Oasys Mobile, Inc. is a leading provider of premium mobile media content, products and services distributed through OasysMobile.com and top-tier wireless carriers in the U.S. and abroad. Oasys Mobile is uniquely positioned to give consumers the ability to manage their mobile lifestyle by delivering a breadth of offerings including OasysMobile.com, a leading-edge mobile lifestyle portal that is changing the way teens and young adults buy, own and keep their mobile content. Oasys Mobile also develops, publishes and distributes more than 30 branded mobile applications in all major categories, from personalization and games to messaging and entertainment.

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