m-Qube VeriSign: Creative Director, Los Angeles, CA

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The Creative Director will poses a strong background in the mobile medium and be responsible for delivering user interfaces and graphics for mobile devices, as well as some web UI and designs. The Creative Director (CD) will build out, manage and mentor a team as needed to serve one of the top 3 media companies in the country.
The CD is responsible for directing all phases of creative work from concept development through production. He/She will be responsible for inspiring and motivating the cross functional team as well as the client. The CD will manage the entire creative process as it applies to the project(s), including project planning and staffing estimation. The CD will also be heavily involved in presenting strategy, direction and concepts to the client.
• Responsible for creating on-brand, on-strategy compelling creative work and user interfaces for mobile phones as PDAs
• Interfaces with client on a regular basis pitching, refining, finalizing and building out all concepts
• Actively participates in all client strategy and scoping efforts, leading creative teams and developing client response materials.
• Works directly with the account manager, project managers, and technical directors on all projects.
• Helps maintain active list of creative contractor resources, i.e.: art directors, copywriters, visual designers, photographers, Flash designers/developers, 3D artists, musicians, etc.
• Minimum of 12 yrs User Experience design (at least 2-4 yrs of mobile/PDA design experience)
• Recognized expertise developing strategic creative solutions for Fortune 500 clients
• Strong people management and communication skills to provide clear creative direction and to motivate and inspire the client
• Significant mobile and interactive brand-building experience including: concept development, user interface design & architecture (mobile), website design, and identity design
• Understand user-centered design and development processes, with an emphasis on extending brands across a broad range of media platforms with a strong emphasis on mobile.
• Expert knowledge of all steps required in the creative development process, including providing clear creative direction, giving timely and helpful coaching to improve creative and producing work cost effectively and on schedule.
• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, or Digital Media Design
• Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills which foster and develop existing and new client relationships
• Strong Client Management skills
• Ability to solve problems with keen instincts and organizational experience
• Expert knowledge of all steps required in the creative development process, including providing clear creative direction, giving timely and helpful coaching to improve creative and producing all work cost effectively and on schedule.
To apply, please send MS Word resume and salary requirements to: aking@m-Qube.com
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