Walt Disney Internet Group: Contract Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Seattle, WA

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Walt Disney Internet Group

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
As a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer you will be testing the server-side systems supporting a mobile application. System components include a content management system, registration database, front-end servlet engine and templates delivering xml data to J2ME client. You will be working closely with the project engineer and 4-person development team. You will also have occasional interaction with the third-party company developing the client and the producer group responsible for managing the content in the content management system. Areas of responsibility include generating test plans and test cases, managing testing resources and equipment, and performing functional\performance\load tests. You will report to the Engineering Manager of the Mobile Engineering group.
% time spent
Test Plans and Test Cases
Functional/Performance Testing
Load Testing
QUALIFICATIONS FOR POSITION• Comprehensive understanding of the software QA engineering process
• Work with a high degree of independence on projects
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience in field
• Proficiency in writing scripts and test code to automate testing of critical software components
• 5+ years of QA experience
SPECIFIC SKILLS REQUIRED• Writing test plans and test cases
• Ability to quickly develop test cases that provide maximum coverage of system functions
• Use of defect tracking tool to manage defects
• Drive bug triage process with development team
• Experience with load testing tools and practices
• Java, MSSQL and scripting language experience required
• Experience working with content management systems a plus
Specify Title, Level of Contacts
Frequency, Nature
• Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, Project Lead Engineer, Development Engineers
• Regularly, casual
• Third-party client developer, Application production team
• Occasional, casual
Reports to:
• Engineering Manager
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