UNICON International: Provisioning Specialist, Town and Country, MO

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UNICON International

Provisioning Specialist
Town and Country, MO
The selected candidate will perform the following duties:
• Create and place ASR’s with appropriate LEC.
• Update Excel spreadsheet with FOC, LEC order numbers, and new LEC circuit IDs.
• Identify available LEC facilities (CFA) and verify site address against the Cingular/LEC databases in order to gather site-specific information needed.
• Create new T1 circuit paths in the Cingular Granite database from A to Z with site, route, LEC, and equipment information.
• Create LEC segment in Cingular Granite database and update with appropriate LEC info.
• Generate a CTS ticket for each site requiring a T1. A CTS ticket supplies information, such as demarc, test results, and milestone tracking.
• Coordinate a Hard Loop test for each T1. Assist in troubleshooting with Cingular and the LECs.
Required Skills and Experience:
• Proficient in LEC Ordering/Delivery process and databases for Verizon (CSG, CEMR), Qwest (QORA), Sprint (ARMS) Bellsouth (CAFÉ) and SBC.
• Provide and complete ASRs and/or order forms to all RBOCs, CLECs, and IECs in conformance with Bellcore Standards.
• Order follow up with all Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) and OCCs, i.e.
making sure Firm Order Confirmations (FOCs) and DLRs are received in a timely manner.
• Provide all information on any Service Order Revisions (Sups) that may be required for an ASR (Access Service Request) from the LEC or OCC.
• Escalate with RBOCs, CLECs, and IECs as needed.
• Coordinate circuit changes and requirements with connecting RBOCs, CLECs, and IECs.
• Able to obtain Letter of Authorization (LOA) from Other Common Carriers (OCCs) when a leased IEC is required.
• Issue internal orders to assist customer in building their network.
• Working Knowledge of Granite (Xng) and WebXng.
• Working Knowledge of basic (switch ports, node B’s, DCS) and Customer Demarc equipment.
• MS Office – Excel, Word and Outlook skills.
• Knowledge of CTS (Cingular Ticketing System) is a plus but not a needed requirement.
• Able to form working relationships with LEC contacts.
• Able to work with others including other contractors without bias.
• Self Starter, Flexible, Dependable, Motivated.
• Must be able to Multi-Task.
• Possess a “think outside of the box” mentality
UNICON offers competitive compensation packages including medical, dental and vision insurance, paid time off and holidays, tuition reimbursement, matching 401k, and more!
UNICON International, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
To apply, please send your MS Word resume along with salary requirements, indicating position of interest, to:
Holly Solomon
Technical Recruiter
UNICON International, Inc.
Phone: 614-759-3358
Fax: 614-861-7096
Toll-free: 888-786-4266
Web: http://www.unicon-intl.com

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