Applicant Resumes That Address Specific Needs Reach The Top At Infonxx

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By MobileWirelessJobs / MobileContentJobs
July 2006
As part of our new Q&A interview series with hiring managers, MobileWirelessJobs recently caught up with Therese Amedeo, Director of Employment, at Infonxx, headquartered in Bethlehem, PA to learn more about how her company’s staffing and relocation plans. The Q&A series is a new featured column in MobileContent Careers.
MWJ=; TA= Therese Amedeo.

MWJ: How quick is the turn around between sourcing the candidate, interviewing the candidate, offering the candidate a position, and hiring the candidate?
TA: Time line often depends on the particular position. For the more technical positions it may take a little longer to screen- however we are committed to doing our best in keeping the candidate informed as to where we are in the process and what their status is. Another factor of course is the availability of a candidate – we understand many may be currently working so we will work around their schedules to make the interviews happen. If the candidate is coming from outside a commutable distance, we handle the travel arrangements.
MWJ: Have you tried sourcing qualified candidates using any other direct marketing techniques such as email marketing or SMS text messaging?
TA: One initiative we are close to launching is a monthly e-newsletter to those interested in employment with IINFONXX- an informative but quick read to update jobseekers on what’s new with INFONXX that month including what new technology, product offerings, events etc. in which we are involved. It will also include current job openings. Anyone interested in being placed on the list is welcome to get in touch with me!
MWJ: Is this process any faster when the resume is submitted on-line vs. offline, or is there no difference? What can a Candidate do to get noticed by HR when applying for a job?
TA: To “get noticed” we find it most helpful when applicants confirm how they meet the requirements in the job by one- updating their resume to reflect that experience and two- taking a step further to outline in their cover letter the experience they have that match our needs. It makes it easier for us to put those at the top and say to the hiring manager- this applicant looks to be more on track with us versus others who may not look to us as if they have they really met the listed requirements.
MWJ: Do you accept resumes from job seekers in other geographic locations outside of your office locations? If so, what amount?
TA: Yes- absolutely. We recognize that the talent pool needed at INFONXX may not necessarily live in the area, or even on the East coast for that matter. Because of that we are able to offer a competitive relocation package to new employees- in accordance to the level in which they will work in the company.
MWJ: Are resumes submitted on-line and off-line handled differently? Is it better for a jobseeker to submit his/her resume on-line?
TA: In an effort to best track applicants and review resumes in a timely manner, we ask that all applicants applying to our corporate positions do so online. Concerning best practices- we accept resumes for posted positions only- which is another reason why we ask candidates to go directly to our website. We keep the resumes that may not be directed towards a posted opening and contact the applicant about out process. If an applicant is not comfortable with applying online they may also download the application from the website and send to us via fax or mail.
MWJ: What has been your experience with job boards? Have you been more successful searching the resume database than posting jobs?
TA: Again this depends on the positions- non-technical positions usually gain us a larger applicant pool than technical positions. We typically yield a higher quality candidate when searching through resume databases and reaching out to candidates rather then simply posting and waiting! Also, we use very targeted job boards if the position allows us to do so. For example, when hiring a Public Relations Manager, we also posted it on professional association job boards. This tends to give us a more highly relevant pool of candidates.
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