Applicants Don’t Fall Into The “Black Hole” at EA Mobile. They Consider Each Candidate. Really, They Do.

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By MobileWirelessJobs / MobileContentJobs
August 2006

As part of our HR Q&A interview series, MobileWirelessJobs recently caught up with Christine Bigelow and Elke Gallo, recruiters at EA Mobile, to learn more about their company’s online talent acquisition and staffing practices. The HR Q&A series is a featured column in MobileContent Careers. MWJ=; EA= EA Mobile. MWJ=; EA= EA Mobile.
MWJ: What can a candidate do to get noticed by HR when applying for a job?
EA: When a candidate does not get a response from Recruiting/HR, they often assume the resume was not “noticed.” We review every single resume submitted to our active/open job opportunities! Frequently candidates apply for very senior level roles, for which they are under qualified, in hopes to get a foot in the door. This is very often why they don’t receive a positive response, and then assume the resume went into a “black hole”. If you want to increase your chances of getting a response, be sure to apply for positions that are a strong match to your experience level. Go ahead and submit that “foot in the door” resume, but be realistic about it. You may not see any response until a less senior position comes along at some point down the road. Also be sure to have a well written resume in which your skills are accurately represented, and your work history is clearly detailed. We see lots of poorly written resumes! Please end this torture for the benefit of recruiters everywhere!.
MWJ: Can you shed some light on any new recruiting initiatives that candidates may not be aware of currently at your currently?
EA: EA Mobile is very active right now. Most of the really cool projects, games etc are currently unannounced… I can’t share any details here! But trust me, you want to get involved! We are actively hiring Engineers, QA, Marketing, Producers, Product Managers and other roles.
MWJ: Have you ever used podcasts in recruiting before? If so, what is your experience with resume videos so far?
EA: We have not used podcast recruiting yet. But we would definitely be willing to give it a try.
MWJ: How quick is the turn around between sourcing the candidate, interviewing the candidate, offering the candidate a position, and hiring the candidate? Is this process any faster when the resume is submitted on-line vs. offline, or is there no difference?
EA: In general the hiring timeline has little to do with how the candidate submits their information and more to do with our own project deadlines, or travel schedules. Turnaround time is frequently dependent upon the specific hiring managers involved and the intensity of the responsibilities and deadlines they are facing. If the manager is up against a project deadline of some sort, then interviews will often be pushed back a bit. Very busy managers or departments tend to take a little more time to conduct the hiring process. In general we try to get candidates through the process in 2-3 weeks, but in some cases it takes longer.
MWJ: What methods are used to track resumes? Can you recite what sources are working for you, and which are not?
EA: We track candidate resumes with our EA Worldwide Candidate database., When you apply online your profile and resume becomes part of our the candidate database, which means any EA recruiter from around the globe can search and find your resume. Opportunities can come your way from anywhere! Emailed resumes are not in the database. Candidates can easily send a resume directly by email. But we recommend you also apply online at some point when you have the time so that you can benefit from the candidate database., or
MWJ: Are resumes submitted online and off-line handled differently? Is it better for a candidate to submit his/her resume online?
EA: In general no, there is not a big difference in the way resumes are handled when we receive them. EA has an employment site where you can apply online of course. We also accept resumes by email. Both methods work, and we do READ the resumes! Really! We do!, or
MWJ: What has been your experience with job boards? Have you been more successful searching the resume database than posting jobs?
EA: We do use job boards occasionally, and we do find them helpful at times to find specific niche candidates. Postings will frequently yield lots of junior level job seekers & not enough senior candidates. Sometimes resume mining/searching can yield that specific, senior level resume we really need. Especially if there is a unique combination of skills we are looking for.
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