Mobile Recruiting Hits A Feverish Pitch

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By MobileWirelessJobs / MobileContentJobs
August 2006

NEW YORK – When MobileWirelessJobs launched its SMS Text Messaging Job Alert service the last thing anybody expected was for it be used to target specific candidates about offline events.
“Quite honestly, we thought it was just going to be a text messaging service that would alert candidates of a new job listings on our site,” said Rob Salerno, President and Founder of Cinnamon Entertainment Group LLC and parent company of
“Instead we have seen our SMS candidate list grow 150% in less than 3 months, ” Salerno added. The reason: mobile wireless companies are now contacting MWJ to send text messages for invite-only networking events, Job Fairs, and Open Houses to potential candidates.
“What’s nice about it is the fact the most people have mobile area codes related to their home residence. Therefore, the unexpected result has been our ability to geo-target candidates based on area code. ” he added.
As Online Talent Acquisition and Sourcing has become more mobile, so has the need to use the more direct means to attract qualified candidates. SMS Text Messaging is a non-intrusive way to send a targeted recruitment message without the need for the candidate to respond or put a resume together.
Furthermore, as Mobile recruiting advances many predict the text resume will be a thing of the past. In fact, many experts believe that candidates will instead one day create “digital profiles” that would include a summary of work experience, education, project/work accomplishments, budget performances, direct report relationships and other psychological / behavioral traits that can sent / received via a mobile device.
The relationship with the right candidate is a long term endeavor. Even after the “right” candidate has been sourced, companies still have a considerable challenge. Companies want to know the candidate’s competencies, leadership skills, quantifiable accomplishments as well as personal strengths / weaknesses before even calling that person in for an interview. This oftentimes cannot be accomplished through a text resume. Its no longer a matter of whether a candidate “can do” the job but how.
“With Mobile recruiting, you will see more audio / visual communication during the candidate pre-screening process than ever before,” Salerno confirmed. Staffing managers today are sending and receiving more mobile communication than most candidates realize. “Of course, ” Salerno continued “candidate delivery and presentation has always been an important factor in the recruitment process. But now, it’s been taken to a whole new level. We’ve had many candidates email us to request a confidential resume video podcast of their own via the mobile and broadband platforms.”
This is particularly true of senior level candidates who wish to remain anonymous yet still wish to be kept abreast of new opportunities in their area of expertise. These resume videos typically function as a canned interview and give the potential employer a much clearer idea of the candidate’s qualifications, confidence and mannerisms than a text resume.
“Its still a very competitive labor market right now, as you know. We reported the mobile hiring boom back in June in MobileContent Careers and it hasn’t let up,” Salerno added. Even through the use of blogs, employers have been very careful to research candidates before requesting an interview. “The blogs, such as, are tools recruiters use to open an dialogue with a candidate. The purpose of which is to research the candidate more thoroughly and assess value,” noted Salerno.
This level of candidate assessment could be something as small as analyzing a candidate’s writing style when he/she responds to a message thread or how he/she goes about solving a technical problem. “By assessing a candidate’s problem solving skills, you can really draw a lot of conclusions about that person. Some candidates see the bigger picture – some don’t,” Salerno pointed out.
In fact, some think the recruitment blog is merely an informal journal of random thoughts used by recruiters to stir up friendly conversation. “Recruiters don’t have enough time in a day to waste on that. Each paint stroke has a purpose,’ Salerno concluded.
In sum, it is the combination of candidate research and technology that has turned mobile recruiting into a rather complex process and has also represented a tremendous cost savings to forward thinking HR organizations. Accordingly, MobileWirelessJobs highly advises mobile wireless candidates to put forth more time and effort in making themselves more accessible via the mobile platform in today’s hiring market.
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