Go2Group: Wireless System Engineer, Chicago, IL

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Wireless System Engineer
Wireless Engineering Radio – APAC

Chicago, IL or San Jose, CA
Job Duties/Responsibilities:
As a successful System Engineer you will participate in the deployment of innovating wireless systems, focusing especially on managing and evaluating performance of the integration of RF technology in customer and field activities. Company expanding in Europe and esp. in all of S.E. Asia and E. Asia (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.).
Your typical responsibilities will entail key system level activities in the deployment of state-of-the art communication systems:
• MOST important is all around good wireless and mobile telecom engineering experience!
• Working with customers to develop system integration plans, with test suites for performance evaluation
• Execution of the system test plans, and evaluation of the results
• Development of product improvement requirements, helping OEM partner engineers debug, design, and test Commercial acceptance test plan completion.
Desired Qualifications:
• Again, MOST important is all around good wireless and mobile telecom engineering experience!
• Thorough knowledge of RF system fundamentals:
• Digital radio transceiver concepts and performance metrics
• At least five years experience with wireless data system deployment and management, including familiarity with all of the major air interfaces: CDMA, GSM, UMTS, WiMax, etc.
• An ability to troubleshoot wireless systems and control software, as well as in- depth familiarity with test, measurement, and analysis techniques
• Communication skills for working directly with customers at a variety of management levels and technical backgrounds. The candidate should be organized and clear in communicating plans, requirements, results and information, both internal and external.
• Familiarity with circuit and system-level RF design up to 3 GHz, including synthesizers, amplifiers, mixers, filters, and surface mount design.
• Previous matlab, c/c++, perl, and unix or linux experience
• Knowledge of digital electronics, DSP, and an advanced degree are all pluses.
• A BSEE is required, and MSEE preferred.
Contact: To apply, send cover letter and resume, indicating position of interest, to:
E-mail: brett.taylor@go2group.com.
An Equal Opportunity Employer

Please reference MobileWirelessJobs.com when responding.