Announcing MobileWirelessJobs New Employers Blog Launch!

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Announcing MobileWirelessJobs New Employers Blog Launch!
Employers can sign-up to open an account and blog directly to our candidates as a featured author.
• Content Control: Post thoughts or topics on our site and begin a dialogue directly with qualified candidates. You are not limited to just job postings. Publish or unpublish any candidate comments.
• Unlimited job postings and threads
• Stream your work in RSS / ATOM
• Each thread is automatically indexed to a static page for searchability on tier 1 search engines such as Google (meaning there is no “on the fly” page creation)
• Audience Targeting. If you are trying to fill a specific role, you can keep your threads focused on that search. Over 95% of our readers already have jobs and have more than 8 years of experience on average.
• Must be a mobile wireless employer, preferably someone working in HR or responsible for staffing
• Must be willing to list some opportunities on MobileWirelessJobs
• First come first serve.
• 5 “author” slots available
Each employer will be given his/her own login and password. Each account will be separate with full content control.
Cost: $1000/month*
Minimum: 6 month contract
(* does not include iHollywood Forum’s new job bank however both will be linked)
Q: How many “author” logins can my recruiting team have?
A: One per company. Therefore, each member on your team shares the same login and password. Therefore, each of you will see the other’s threads. You must assign one “alias” name to post your threads under.
Q: What if I source someone, are there any additional fees?
A: No. Just like our the rest of our blog, if you contact, interview and hire a candidate through our site there are no additional fees. Perhaps a testimonial would be nice, but nothing more.
Q: Why should I do this? I can start my own blog for free and then source candidates on my own?
A. True, but I seriously doubt your HR dept will spend thousands of dollars and valuable resources to launch the blog site, drive and retain traffic (particularly through link partnerships, trade shows, HRSEO, and Search Engine Marketing campaigns) and compete with many other blog sites (such as this one) where the hard work has already been done. We already harness the audience you are looking for…why not take advantage of it? There are only 5 slots available….that fact alone will help you stick out in a crowd.
Q. What about Recruiting Podcasts?
A. Well, we’ve offered this since the day MobileWirelessJobs was launched back in Feb 2006. Yes, you can stream your video content in RSS within the body of your threads. In addition, you can send your Podcast content to us and we’ll do the rest at no additional cost!
Q. I don’t know what to say in a blog. I’ve never done this before. Can someone help me?
A. Absolutely. We’re here to assist you along the way in keeping your threads focused and ROI driven (ok, CPH driven…but thats so old school!!!) Anyway, we’d love to help your team strategize before, during and after any of your recruitment blogging campaigns.
Q: Has this been done before? Why now?
A. Not really. Can’t think of too many recruitment blog sites that allow Employers to come on as Featured Authors and participate in the main content. The climate in online recruiting has changed. Text job postings alone have become rather stale and hard to sell to passive candidates. We have stressed many times in MobileContent Careers that in order to forge a relationship with a passive candidate you need to create an Employer Value Proposition that qualified candidates find compelling enough to respond to…text job postings only scratch the surface to meet that end. More effort = more results. The “post a sign in front of my store and hope people will visit” approach is very passive. Be aggressive and take charge of your online recruiting process and start talking with candidates. Just like our SMS Text Messaging Job Alerts, stay ahead of the recruiting curve.
If interested, please contact Rob at 646-320-5162 or email:
rob (at)
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