Cablevision: Account Manager MDU Sales Retention, Piscataway, NJ

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Account Manager – MDU Sales & Retention
Consumer Sales

Primary Responsibility:
• Negotiate agent agreements and manage agent relationships within a set “territory” of MDUs and Management Firms.
• Successful negotiations will enable Cablevision to offer its full suite of services to residents at the Point Of Lease (POL).
• The Account Manager will be responsible for coordinating multiple departments involved in the sales and installation phases as well as tracking and reporting all sales numbers.
• The Account Manager will also be responsible for building relationships with MDU owners/managers/rental agents and supers within a given territory.
• The strength of these relationships will play a significant role in sustaining and increasing our subscriber penetration levels within these MDUs.
• One important area of focus will be in MDUs where Cablevision goes head-to-head with the competition.
• Manage all aspects of current MDUs with bulk rate agreements in place. Including, but not limited to, bulk rate increases, renewal process, penetration report tracking, and liaison to Cablevision for building owners, managing agents, Boards of Directors, supers and leasing agents in bulk rate buildings.
Reports to:
• Director – MDU Sales & Retention
• Being able to manage orders will be key to the success of this position.
• Understanding quota and being able to work to get jobs installed.
• Work with Director of MDU Sales & Retention to develop interim forecasts and long range plans.
• Work with Director of MDU Sales & Retention to develop annual sales plans relative to subs gained/commissions paid.
• Compile weekly/monthly/annual agent performance reports for review by Director of MDU Sales & Retention.
• Attend local trade seminars (i.e. BuildingsNY Show NYC) to truly become a part of the real estate community and keep in tune with competitive offers and strategy.
• Actively research and seek out areas of opportunity with real estate clientele throughout designated territory (areas of opportunity include MDUs with low CV penetration, competitive environments etc…)
• Manage each account from the point of receiving sales order to completion of installation
• Maintain and monitor POL programs to ensure timely receipt of monthly information, as well as agent commissions.
• Initiate and maintain relationships with local building owners/managers/rental agents and supers.
Operating metric(s):
• Critical to the success of this position will be the Account Manager’s ability to negotiate POL agreements.
• Overall sales ability and professionalism will come into play as the Account Manager could be dealing with wide spectrum of clients such as landlords, building managers, rental agents and supers.
• Also critical will be an understanding of, and an ability to use CableData at a high level.
Qualitative metric(s), such as teamwork:
• Relationship building is essential for this Account Manager.
• Collaborative problem solving, risk assessment and opportunity planning will be required across numerous functional areas of the company.
• Specifically, strategic direction will result from successful ongoing interaction with, Field Operations, and Sales.
• MDU database
• ETS 5
• CableData
• Coop / Condo Guide
• Departmental Penetration Reports
Sales Skills:

• Must be able to effectively negotiate with wide spectrum of clients such as landlords, building managers, rental agents and supers.
• Creative flair, conceptual and project specific, is desirable.
• Teamwork, integrity, flexibility, stresses tolerance and concerns for excellence a must.
• Demonstrated ability to analyze problems, to probe facts, identify and question assumptions and find creative and effective solutions.
• Ability to understand and respond effectively to activity cross-functional interdependencies to ensure that they do not negatively effect the execution of sales.
• A strong communicator and team player that can foster collaboration.
• An organizationally perceptive person who will respect the traditions and cultures of Cablevision and who can implement new ideas within that context.
Technical/Functional Competencies:
• Strong computer literacy.
• Understanding Sales Presentation Skills.
• Thorough understanding of Cabledata, ETS 5
Key Experiences/Achievements:
• Some college or possibly a Bachelors degree or equivalent industry experience.
• A minimum of 3-5 years of sales/marketing, or relevant B&C experience.
• Demonstrated success at developing and implementing competitive sales strategies a plus.
• Prior success in MDU environment.
To apply, please submit your resume, indicating position of interest, to
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