What Not to Do on Your Résumé

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What Not to Do on Your Résumé
From OWS Magazine | January 2007 Issue
By Carri Degenhardt-Burke
January 1, 2007 – Whether you’re interested in becoming a branch manager or considering a jump into private wealth management, your résumé and cover letter will play a key role in landing that all-important interview. Avoiding a few common mistakes on these two-to-three pages–along with displaying proper interviewing skills and making follow-ups–could just land you that dream job. On the other hand, using poor grammar, not knowing your audience, applying the past tense instead of the present and writing “I” six zillion times will–more often than not–get your letter and résumé deleted, or sometimes even worse.
I have taken a look at the infamous Aleksey Vayner video résumé, which has been talked about on various Internet blogs and daytime talk shows. If you haven’t seen the video–which shows Vayner performing feats such as weightlifting, tennis and dancing, voiced-over by a seemingly never-ending lecture on success and successful people–check it out on YouTube.

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