Yes – MobileWirelessJobs accepts Video Resumes!

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Yes, you can email us your Video Resume and we will Podcast this content for Mobile Wireless employers to see.
Again, please DO NOT include your contact info within your video resume. If the employer is interested, they will contact us and we will, in turn, contact you if you’re interested. We will NOT publish any videos with contact info included.
Think of the Podcast Video Resume as a canned interview. This is your chance to get seen by employers before the traditional resume candidates are even considered. With your Podcast Resume Video, you won’t simply rehash your resume, but rather succinctly detail your unique qualifications in your industry.
Here are some RESUME VIDEO Candidate Podcast tips:
• Don’t simply rehash your normal text resume
• Include only your first name and hometown. Do not include any other contact details. Employers will contact us and we’ll notify you of their interest. If you agree to be contacted, we will then (and only then) release your contact details
• Discuss how you’ve overcome work challenges and include the specific challenges you faced and your unique solution
• Discuss how many direct reports you may have managed or projects you were given (backed with numerical data)
• Discuss what budget(s) you were responsible for
• Discuss why you feel that position you seek is the right fit for you and related topics
If you need help in creating the Video Resume, please contact us.
Right now, we have the largest archive of Video Resumes on the web in the Mobile Wireless industry.

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