Does MobileWirelessJobs play matchmaker?

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Frequently we receive emails from Candidates asking us what we can do for them?
Do we ever match Candidates with companies?
Ok yes we sometimes do. Candidates email us Video Resume Content every day that we place in front of the best Mobile Wireless Employers. Our HR contacts within mobile wireless are second to none. Our videos however are strictly confidential. Content must adhere to our high standards or it will not be pushed to our clients.
That said, please do not lose sight of our main function here is that of a content provider; we specifically provide HR, job opportunity, labor reporting and analysis as well as Candidate profiling within the mobile wireless space. We’ll text our candidates the details regarding private “job networking” events (as we learn of them) as well as notify our clients that certain high level Candidates are interested in their opportunities.
If you were given the impression that this blog was merely a bulletin board for job opportunities, please don’t. We’re very committed to mobile wireless recruitment and our growth has been astounding since we launched almost a year ago.
Nonetheless, we have the largest number of HR contacts and qualified candidates in mobile wireless available online today. So we encourage both Candidates and Employers to contact us when a need arises.