Flexible And Innovative Professionals Thrive At Fixed Mobile Convergence Start-up

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By MobileWirelessJobs / MobileContentJobs
July 2007

As part of our HR Q&A interview series, MobileWirelessJobs recently caught up with Tatara System’s Dave Crowley to learn more about his company’s online talent acquisition practices. The HR Q&A series is a featured column in MobileContent Careers. MWJ= MobileWirelessJobs.com; DC = Dave Crowley.
MWJ: We noticed that Tatara raised $8M of funding recently. What’s going on at Tatara?
DC: Our venture capital investors, Highland Capital and North Bridge Ventures are excited about the emerging femtocell market and Tatara’s early leadership position in the market, as the first vendor to announce an all-IP solution for femtocell convergence, introducing the industry’s first femtocell-focused fixed-mobile convergence application server.
MWJ: What is a femtocell?
DC: A femtocell access point, also known as a 3G access point, is a low-cost, low-power cellular base station that provides improved indoor coverage while backhauling the cellular traffic over a broadband connection. Femtocells are designed to work with existing mobile handsets and can support multiple users in a home environment., Femtocells over the long-term also present an opportunity to develop new mobile services for the home that take advantage of low-cost, high-speed internet access.
MWJ: Does Tatara develop the femtocell?
DC: No. We don’t develop the femtocell. Tatara Systems invents, develops, and deploys mobile convergence products for service providers, allowing them to offer converged mobile services to their subscribers across the widest base of available end-user devices. The Tatara Convergence Server enables femtocells to backhaul cellular traffic over a broadband connection using SIP signaling, with a key advantage of this approach being ready integration with the operator’s IP services infrastructure.
MWJ: Is Tatara Systems a new player in the Fixed Mobile Convergence market?
DC: Since 2001, Tatara has built products for the mobile convergence market. These products provide seamless insertion into existing networks and ensure investment protection as next generation networks continue to evolve. Mobile operators are now showing intense interest in femtocells, as they seek ways to expand network coverage, capacity, and security so we are well positioned for the next generation of fixed-mobile convergence innovation.
MWC: What is the reaction of the employees towards this new technology strategy?
DC: Our staff is pumped! They believe that femtocell is a better fixed mobile convergence strategy for mobile operators than dual-mode handsets. Tatara’s solutions solve key network challenges that will allow mobile operators to realize the value of femtocells.
MWJ: What techniques does your company use to attract and retain employees?
DC: Tatara is an attractive company because we are a start-up working in an exciting space. The Tatara product portfolio contains significant IPR with multiple patents based on years of engineering effort. Aligned with IMS, Tatara’s products are designed and proven to be deployable NOW in today’s networks with seamless migration to full IMS in the future. This cutting edge technology and innovative culture is what retains current employees and also attracts candidates.
MWJ: What do you look for in an ideal candidate?
DC: We look at technical strength, flexibility and teamwork. All of our positions require in-depth knowledge of Fixed-Mobile Convergence (UMA or femtocell), IMS, signaling protocols and wireless standards CDMA, GSM, GPRS/3G. When you are developing a solution for a disruptive technology like femtocell access, individuals need to be flexible and nimble. We are looking for self-motivated people who are passionate about working in an innovative, fast-paced, start-up environment. And it doesn’t hurt to be a good basketball player! Many of our staff go out to the basketball court at lunchtime, or they work out in our fully equipped gym.
MWJ: What is your staffing plan this quarter?
DC: We have several available positions, including: A Consulting Systems Engineer who will deploy and manage testing in mobile operators’ core network is our top priority. This individual will travel to carriers in Europe and US for acceptance testing and integration of trial and production systems. A Solutions Architect and Senior Product Manager who will provide strategic market direction and customer requirements for our Development efforts, and a UK based Sales and pre-Sales Engineer to provide additional European-based presence for business development.
MWJ: Thanks for the information!
DC: Thank you. All of us are excited about this emerging, new market!
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