Second Life Virtual Recruitment Fair

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For the past several months, several clients have approached us about the concept of doing a Second Life Virtual Recruitment Fair. Although the idea of Virtual Interviews has been floating around for some time, there has been a recent deployment of such a campaign in the U.K. While the goal of this particular campaign is to source English spies, there has been quite a few mobile companies recently planning to use similar tactics for their recruitment strategy.
The process is simple. As a Candidate, you create an account on Second Life and in the process – a custom-made avatar. From there, you explore the world of the Employer. You can learn about the company’s culture, benefits, job opportunities and career resources. You eventually submit a CV / Resume to a staffing manager (avatar) and wait to be evaluated. If chosen for an interview, you are invited back at a pre-scheduled date / time to conduct a Virtual Interview with the recruiter.
While the pre-screening process does not occur exactly in real-time, the interview is real and live. The use of avatars in recruitment has been growing considerably in the past year, particularly in the UK and Asia, and companies are finding this method of sourcing as a positive, innovative and friendly approach to candidate introduction.
If you’re interested in such an HR Online Marketing campaign for your company, please contact Rob Salerno at 646-320-5162 or email rob (at)

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