Axiom xCell:J2ME Porting and Programming, San Diego, CA

Axiom xCell

J2ME Porting and Programming
San Diego, CA
We are looking to fill a full time position with benefits in which the candidate will possess or have knowledge in the following requirements:
• Implement various JSR’s, nokia specific API’s, OEM specific API’s (e.g. Sprint GameLobby/MRC, Virgin LMAPI) beyond standard SUN API’s
• Ability to downgrade MIDP2 to MIDP1 applications
• Workarounds for devices with foot print limits (e.g. JAR size < 128KB) • Used open source tools such as ANT, NetBeans, Eclipse • Knowledge of carrier requirements for application acceptance (Sprint / ATT / T-Mobile / etc…) • Thorough understanding of MIDLET behavior and devices that deviate from it (Run(), Paint(), HideNotify(), ShowNotify()) • Handle device specific issues across a wide variety of devices in both MIDP2 and MIDP1: Motorola, IDEN, Nokia, Siemens, Sanyo, LG • Usage of RMS, Threading, Sound, Graphics: Flipping, Double buffering, Collision maps • Signed applications and handle locked APIs such as Camera, API calls to initiate web sessions • TCPIP network implementation and the various device issues revolving around network implementation • Developed on a wide array of physical screen sizes across differing technologies (Nokia S40, S60, S80) The highly favored skills and knowledge in the candidate will possess or have knowledge in the following requirements: • HandsOn JCI API implementation • HandMark API implementation • J2ME-Device DB, J2ME Polish, Tira JUMP, or other mass deployment tools • CVS • Scripting build files • XML • Best practices in programming and OO orientated development (Extreme Programming, UML, Unit testing) To apply, please submit your resume indicating position of interest and salary requirements to:
An equal opportunity employer, m/f/d/v.
San Diego
Please reference when responding.