Top 10 Things You Can Do To Encourage Immediate Resume Rejection (IRR)

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Richard BallardHere is a post from one of our MobileWirelessJobs subscribers, Richard Ballard. Richard is a Marketing and Sales Executive for a web-service technologies , IP-video and wireless applications company. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer for GROUPBUILD a Venture fund for web-service providers.
Top 10 things you can do to encourage Immediate Resume Rejection (IRR)
These days, nearly all candidates are being rejected right off the bat. They are rejected because their resume gives the inundated hiring manager sees an excuse to put it into the No or Maybe (=no) pile.
10. No failures. Your resume looks unreal, how did you learn without setbacks?
9. No stories. Challenge, Action, Result. If you don’t know what this means, you should not write your own resume.
8. Too generic. If you have been on the market for a while, it is human nature to broaden your target market by looking more suitable for more jobs.
7. Boring. You have taken the personality out of your resume because you lack the confidence to be bold.
6. No metrics. You forgot to mention how much your project saved the company, or how much you sold.
5. Buried Goodies. You put the important stuff on page 2, when the first half of page 1 is where it is at.
4. Bad spelling and formatting. Does this actually need explaining?
3. Bureaucrat. Your tenures are so long and stagnant that you obviously prefer jobs that ought to be done by a vending machine.
2. No vision. Your resume makes you look like you bounce around without looking where you are going.
1. Dead Gaps. Show a contiguous history. If you are currently unemployed, work part-time, for free, for anyone in your industry, even entrepreneurs. Always look busy, never beaten.