2011 APPNATION III, San Francisco Design Center – Concourse, San Francisco, CA

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Join us at APPNATION III – the place where the app and connected device ecosystem meets.
The signs are everywhere. Mobile technology is taking over the world of interconnected computing, spurring development of an apps universe that is the rightful Internet successor to the World Wide Web.
APPNATION is the first conference to focus entirely on the business of apps and their transformative impact on consumers and enterprise technology, devices, commerce, media and social interaction.
Over three thousand developers, carriers, product/ service providers, buyers and investors attended the first two APPNATION conferences in the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. Each event brought together the key players representing the diverse app and connected device ecosystem to discuss the evolving business challenges surrounding social and mobile apps across all devices and platforms including smartphones, tablets, social media platforms, internet-enabled televisions, and the unending stream of emerging tools and technologies.
APPNATION III will continue this discussion and drill deeper into the latest opportunities, risks and ever-changing business strategies defining today’s mobile app and connected device economy.
Join us on November 30-December 1 in San Francisco for two days of insightful conversation and exceptional networking with the people and companies defining the business of apps. Use the discount code “XXX” to get your 20% discount on registration here.
• A typical US mobile device contains 18 apps.
• 10% of adult cell phone users have downloaded an app within the past week
• 20% of those under age 30.
• 8 in 10 Americans own two or more mobile devices
• Mobile advertising will cross the $1B mark in 2011 on its way to $2.5B in 2014s
We are experiencing the dawn of the App Economy, an ecosystem of platforms, devices, carriers, content providers, developers and services that is transforming technology, commerce, media and social interaction. In other words, the App Economy is changing the world. Find out what’s next and how you can profit from this burgeoning marketplace. Use the discount code “XXX” to get your 20% discount on registration and join us at APPNATION III.
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