NEVER put your references on your resume.

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Never Put Your References On Your Resume by Carl Schumacher

In theory it seems like a great idea to put your references on your resume for you show that you are liked and respected and have nothing to hide. That is the upside.
Here is the downside:
Employers cannot legally check your references with out your permission. By putting them on your resume, they can check them without even interviewing you!
Interviewing is a step by step process and checking references is not the first step. The resume is submitted, the resume is reviewed, and the phone screen occurs, a face to face interview occurs, an offer is extended then references are checked. Sometimes references are checked just before a face to face interview or just after, but no matter, it is not the first step.
Interviewing is like buying a car. Would you buy a car just by reading the sticker on the side? No you would sit in it, open the glove compartment, maybe look under the hood and take it for a ride. Your decision would be based on the whole process not just the specs and sticker price.
By putting your references on your resume you give the employer the option to make a decision about you just by reading your resume and by calling one reference without ever getting to know you (looking under the hood) or interviewing you (taking you for test drive).
References are golden! They are not handed out willy-nilly like free fake tattoos at a child’s birthday party. Before a client calls your reference you had better damn well know that they will say the right things and be available when called. And also expect the call from the employer or whoever is calling to ask them the questions.
Imagine because you put your references on your resume and then posted your resume on Monster or Dice or some other job board, your references where called 10 times in a week without your knowledge. By the 10th time this busy executive being called could be a little less positive about you.
References can actually be your competition. If the reference is a co-worker and has similar skills as you, the person reading your resume may also call the references and solicit them for your potential job.
Avoid these potential problems. DO NOT put the names, titles & contact info of your references on your resume. If you must, put at the bottom of the resume “References available upon request”.
Carl Schumacher – Career Coach, Executive & Technical Recruiter

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