2nd China Carriers Forum: Beijing, China – March 20-21, 2014

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2nd China Carriers Forum: Beijing, China – March 20-21, 2014
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“In today’s challenging market, competition and technology changes are pressuring carriers to adapt. Declining margins and revenues have contributed to the challenging market for traditional communication services that carriers face today. So do China carriers! The fast development of OTTs in China brought more challenges to carriers. In 2013, The China government has issued 4G licenses to China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. The government also issued Virtual Network Operator (VNO) license to 10+ China domestic companies, and more companies will be issued VNO license in the future. In addition, the establish of Shanghai free trade zone provide international carriers business development opportunities in China market. All the changes, opportunities and challenges forced carriers to transform their thinking mode and business models.”
The 2nd China Carriers Conference to be held on 20-21 March. 2014 features with 200+ high-level delegation of Chinese telecommunications industry regulators and officials, government researchers, carriers, wholesale carriers, technologies service providers, equipment makers, mobile and fixed line operators, CP, SP, Internet companies to discuss developing prospects of China telecommunication market; Find out the business opportunities of international carriers in China; Map out the future landscape for wholesale carriers; Explore carriers’ innovative value-added products and services; Discuss how carriers take advantages of 4G technology and Information Consumption policy superiority to transform from telecommunication operation to information operation business models; Understand how to improve platform operation capabilities based on the strengthening of smart pipe construction; What are the new economic models of Information Consumption; Best practices of business model transform of international carriers’ traffic operation strategies; Discuss who is the biggest beneficiary of 4G technology, carriers or OTTs How to improve customer loyalty and increase traffic usages; Learn the case studies on best user experiences; find out the main market drivers of China telecom industry and profitable business cooperation opportunities; Assess the differences of traffic pattern between China and global; Find out how to reduce cost through international collaboration; Innovative Technologies Development etc.
The China Carriers Conference is a unique opportunity for executives from worldwide carriers, equipment, technologies and solutions providers to meet with executives and leaders from China’s telecommunications industry to explore new partnerships that spur product and service innovation in China communications industry. This event is also a precious platform to evaluate your own products and services to fit in China market and identify the changing needs of Chinese enterprises to capacity and services and helps you to bring new value-added products to market faster than your competitors. You can not miss out this event that help you achieve success in 2014 and beyond!

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