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Head of Software Development Wireless
Los Angeles, CA

We are building the first and only true airborne broadband pipeline, providing connectivity for worldwide broadband carrier services using commercial aircraft. We use commercial aircraft as “mini-satellites”.Because it is a meshed network, it is like a web where all nodes are connected via multiple links.There are no single points of failure (there is nearly always another aircraft, ship or earth-station within range of an aircraft). This mesh will interface with numerous unique ground-stations. The system is managed by a sophisticated software management system.

Our Software Development Manager must have a working knowledge of all common programming languages, as well as familiarity with pre-programmed modem and/or interface protocols.

The Software Development Manager would be responsible for managing and coordinating the company’s software needs. This includes:

• Creating a software development structure/architecture, based on the company’s patent and needs
• Manage software development by our “in-house” software engineering team
• Manage software development by several consultant companies/consultant engineers
• Setting up a software quality control system
• Setting up software compliance testing
• Manage the “in-house” interface of “software-modules” produced by contractors/ consultants (these may be produced off-site or in other countries);
• Communications protocols
• Compression techniques
• Data enhancement and error correcting technologies
• Meshed-network protocols and technologies
• Aircraft locating and synchronizing protocols
• Wholesale Billing and Sub-billing protocols
• Aircraft interface and maintenance modules
• RF/transceiver modules and interfaces
• Antenna steering models and interfaces
• Link-budget calculations and company-specific manipulation thereof
• Software modeling and testing techniques
• Interfacing to existing protocols and/or technology
• Cellular technology
• Rural telephone technology
• The hands-on Managing of large teams of independent developers
• Ninety percent of our system is comprised of software.

• Master’s or equivalent degree preferred; PhD. OK, provided applicant has “all-encompassing experience” (candidates with limited, narrowly-focused task – experience may not qualify)

Industry experience:
• Minimum 10 years preferred.

• References are required; some or all may be contacted.

To apply, please send MS Word Resume and apply online at: