Silicon Valley Hates Women

The All White Male Boys Party Coming To An End in Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley Hates Women

It’s been a tough few years for the Silicon Valley giants, and several other major players in the IT sector such as Amazon (based in Seattle), who have had to face the music on their sad state of affairs as it pertains to their hiring practices and gender discrimination.

Or perhaps better stated, lack of diversity hiring practices and gross gender discrimination. The author of this piece is a straight white male with a daughter who is not a feminist but believes strongly in diversity and gender equality.

Back in 2016, according to, “Google said that 69% percent of its employees are now male, while 31% are female. That marks a small increase from the 70% to 30% ratio the company reported last year. But only 19% of Google’s technical roles are held by women, while 81% of them are held by men. That’s also a 1% increase compared to last year.”

Lets be honest, that’s pathetic.

Google then admitted it has a “stubbornly low numbers of black employees, which account for just 1% of its technology employees — the same number as in 2014 — and only 2% of its employees overall, according to the Washington Post.”

So in an effort to fix this problem, Google is opening a brand new “campus” of Howard University (an HBCU, an acronym for Historically Black College or University) called “Howard West”. Apparently, 25 students will graduate this summer (2017) from the program and as many as 750 students over the next 5 years. The intent of course is to hire these students into full-time positions. How many, though, remains to be seen.

Google’s twisted view of diversity is so distorted that it has been accused of “shortchanging women doing similar work to men.” In other words, Google has been found to be paying its female employees less money to do basically the same exact work. Now, they are being sued by the US Department of Labor (DoL) for gender pay discrimination.

Even Susan Wojcicki, the CTO at YouTube, a division of Google, suggested several straightforward solutions to the issue. First and foremost, she said to Google and to the rest of Silicon Valley to simply “hire more women.”

Then there was the case of Susan Fowler, the female engineer who joined Uber back in November 2015, and was the victim of sexual harassment. Despite being shuffled around the company, she was still “sexually propositioned by a manager via the company’s chat platform” and this resulted in her “ quitting after she was told she could be fired (illegally) for reporting a discriminating manager to HR.”

In her own blog post, Susan said the sexual harassment started on Day 1 with her first manager, who was looking for women to have sex with, and she said he was “clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to HR.”

You have to be kidding, right? Sexism in 2017? In America? Silicon Valley, that’s pathetic.

On top of this, Facebook was sued by a former female employee Chia Hong (who was later fired) for being in a male dominated environment (Facebook is 69% male) in which she was an “order taker” and was “ignored and belittled in group settings, where Hong was often one of the only women in the room“. Hong also says she was ordered to do menial tasks such as organizing parties and serving drinks to male employees — things that the men at Facebook were never asked to do.”

Hong later dropped the lawsuit but you have to wonder what hush money she was given to do so.

Ebay too admits to having a diversity issue. “EBay is 58% male — a number slightly less skewed than Google’s 70% and Facebook’s 69%. When it comes to racial diversity, the numbers closely mirror its fellow tech giants. 61% of its employees are white, 24% are Asian, 7% are black and 5% are Hispanic. Multiracial and “others” make up the remaining 2%.”

EBay’s leadership is 72% white while only 28% of the company’s leaders are women.

That’s a joke.

Now, in all fairness, there are Silicon Valley giants committed to changing things and at least recognizing the problem.

At Apple, 32% of current Apple employees and 37% of new hires are women. However, only 23% of their employees in technical roles are women. In other words, 68% of Apple’s current employees are male as are 63% of its new hires.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recognizes the issue and said “Women are such an important part of the workforce. If STEM-related fields continue to have this low representation of women, then there just will not be enough innovation in the United States. That’s just the simple fact of it.”

So it’s not just a matter of inclusion, as it’s a matter of money. Companies lose money if they lack diversity. It’s a fact.

Cook openly admitted that “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.”

To that point, he told his own alma mater (Auburn University) that “Everyone deserves the same human rights. I don’t hear anybody asking for special rights – just the same rights. I think that’s true not only in the gay community but many other communities as well.”

Thus, inclusion from all communities (gay or otherwise) is what makes America great. At present, its what’s hurting Silicon Valley.

At Intel though, has more aggressive self-correcting goals. Intel has decided to put its money where its mouth is by planning to invest $300 million to increase diversity, the largest such investment yet by any technology company. The goal is to make Intel’s U.S. workforce mirror the talent available in the country by 2020.

By Intel’s own admission, “men still make up more than three-quarters of the workforce.” Intel is thus at least 75% male. Got it.

Is the problem just limited to Silicon Valley? No. Amazon, based in Seattle, is 75% male. They hide behind these numbers because a large amount of their “diversity hires” are based or located at warehouses across the US, far away from the white male corporate headquarters. Amazon has roughly 160,000 worldwide employees of which roughly 25,000 are based in the Seattle headquarters where the truly important decisions are made.

For people like Jeff Reifman, Amazon’s hiring practices are crushing the gender ratios in Seattle. Another casualty of this disgusting hiring practice, of course, is the impact to life outside the workplace where its near impossible for a single straight male to date (130 single males to 100 single females) a single female.

According to Reifman, in 2014, there were “86,098 single males in this age range but only 66,273 females – a gap of 19,825; a lot for a relatively small city. I think it’s also safe to assume that the overabundance of men in Bellevue add pressure on the Seattle scene.”

Naturally, a certain % of that population is gay (both male and female). But even if you sliced off 10% of those numbers there still would be a huge gender imbalance.

This is of course true in Silicon Valley too where they give its nearest city the proper nickname – “Man Jose“.

Other cities, such as Austin, TX, continue to grow and in fact has been cited as the “The top start-up mecca in America is far from Silicon Valley.”

But of course, who is the beneficiary of this? Single white males.

So it should it be no surprise that “Texas Is The 4th Worst State For Gender Equality.”

This quick and dirty look at gender imbalance, gender discrimination and poor diversity hiring practices in Silicon Valley is symptomatic of a larger global problem of the male patriarchy.

In Asia (namely in China, India, Taiwan, and Vietnam), as well as Europe (namely Liechtenstein, Curacao, Albania and countries in the Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) there is a state of total war going on against the female gender. So much so, there is as many as possibly 300 million girls “missing” from the planet since roughly 1980.

This coincided with when China implemented its harsh one child per family policy and of course, that one child was almost always male. It was also during this time that the ultrasound machine was starting to be used a gender identification tool so that families could abort all females in favor of males. To this day, the ultrasound machine has been identified into what has sadly amounted to a weapon against the female gender.

It’s sad yet funny to watch this completely backfire on males. Now, there’s not enough women to marry and 1 out of 4 men in China will never find a wife.

Who’s to blame? The parents of course. Both men and women. Yes, many women willingly participated in this level of murder. We already knew that males were willingly looking to eliminate females.

“The gender imbalance in China is the result of the Chinese government forcibly enforcing family planning policies. After more than 50 years of its one-child policy, the gender imbalance in China is one of the largest in the world. According to official statistics, China’s population stood at 1.36 billion at the end of last year (2016), of which 700 million were men and 667 million were women, leaving an imbalance of some 33 million more men than women. China’s one-child policy has left many young men in the cold when it comes to relationships.”

That said, there should be pity on the women who were forced into this female “Gendercide” as it is known around the world.

Even in the UK, two doctors (Dr. Prabha Sivaraman and Dr. Palaniappan Rajmohan) disgraced themselves by participating and encouraging gendercide.

Is Gendercide a problem in North America? Yes it is. In Canada, we already know mothers from India are practicing Gendercide and sadly even in Arizona, there is evidence of this happening with white affluent women as well.

At least in the US, UK and Canada, Genercide seems to be only happening in isolated cases (mainly immigrants from India and China) and states like Arkansas are banning sex selection abortion.

The end sum of killing innocent girls is we are all losers in that equation. Case in point, Asia’s gender imbalance is bad news for growth.

In fact, many predict Asia will not be able to effectively compete with America due to its idiotic gender imbalance for at least the next 100 years.

Mexico has a better chance of being a world power in the coming years than any of the Gendercide countries (i.e. China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Albania, Armenia etc) because Mexico has a very strong gender balance (with no evidence of Gendercide) and they now seeing tons of reverse immigration under President Trump.

Believe it or not, that could be a good thing for Mexico despite the fact that most of the reverse immigrants will be male. They will be bringing skills and know-how back to Mexico to re-invest.

For the time being, Mexico is trying to resist this change which actually makes no economical sense.

In sum, the white male boys party looks to be finally coming to an end in Silicon Valley. All is not lost though fellas. Look at the bright side – you might actually see women moving into Man Jose and Seattle. Bars may one day be 50% women too.