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Grassbridge Recruiting

Hello Everyone! I am currently looking for Senior Lever Android Developers willing to join a dynamic company in Palo Alto.

What am I looking for?
• Have a strong Java Background.
• Have a solid understanding of Android SDK
• Have some experience with the Android Start• up world.
• Have impeccable Material Design Skills
• Loves profiling, optimizing for performance with the tools at your disposal
• Huge plus if you have experience with NDK or WebRTC!

What you’ll do:
• Build media integrations such as youtube, Netflix, Spotify, giphy, etc.
• Develop an Android library based on an open source WebRTC project.
• Create prototypes of in• house material design and implement slick animations, transitions, and gestures.
• Build a massive multithreaded application that can still keep things in real• time.

Let me know if this would be interesting to you and we can chat!

#androiddevelopment #chat #android #integration #webrtc #livevideo

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#androiddevelopment #chat #android #integration #webrtc #livevideo

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